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Emma Altman Apparel Fashion Show @ Style Fashion Week

For some time I’ve had the honor of calling a wonderful woman and designer a friend, Emma, she is just simply wonderful, her designs are unique and fun to photography, and her personality is even more  amazing then her designs, its truely a honor to call her friend, and colaborate with her in showing off her work.

This Past Friday, I had the honor of photographing her first runway show with Style Fashion Week.
Below are just a few of the images

To the models,
those of you i knew already, was a pleasure to see/shoot you.
those that just met, you all were fire and amazing, thank you for rocking emma’s show.. hope to colab with a few of you down the line. Please feel free to use these photos just give me a tag where ever you can instagram @randycphoto and facebook, www.facebook.com/RandyCPhotography
the photos in this gallery are now fully quality. for full res photos – please go to the google drive link below – if you would want any of the

photos retouched/lighting adjustments – just send me a messgae on ig/fb

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